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To Track or Not To Track Your Periods: Pros and Cons

Tracking periods isn’t as easy as it sounds; there are a host of factors why periods often get delayed. It requires diligence to maintain notes on a monthly basis and memorizing period dates often causes you to second guess yourself. This often makes you wonder if you should give up tracking periods altogether. However, there are a host of reasons why this isn’t the best idea. Read on to know why and how you can track periods easily.

Avoid last minute surprises on busy days 

Even when you track periods, there is always an element of surprise in the actual moment that you get them. You rush to find a sanitary pad inside your handbag, work your way quickly to a hygienic restroom, and hurry back to your routine.  But if you were to not track your periods altogether, imagine the surprise and panic you could experience when you get them – especially if you are travelling out of town, having an unusual day, or waiting in the dentist’s chair. You might not even have immediate access to a washroom or a good rash-free sanitary napkin. It is days like these that will make you wish you had tracked your periods, and planned your days better.

So, make sure you track your periods. To make life easy, invest in a designer annual planner; they often come with trackers for personal habits, goals, as well as periods. Yes, the likes of Alicia Souza offer planners that make it totally handy and chic to have your period tracker with you at all times without having to reach out for a separate diary or note.

Be aware of adhoc discharge patterns and potential health concerns

Vaginal discharge is different on different days; depending on hormones and the period cycle, it can be higher on some days, every month. Hence, tracking the period can also give you a good idea about whether you are experiencing normal discharge or if something is amiss with regards to your intimate health. Since high vaginal discharge requires you to wear panty liners to ensure a      hygienic environment for your vulva through the day, tracking your periods let you know when you will need to restock your panty liners. Of course, with brands like Nua offering the same at your doorstep, it only takes seconds to replenish. A smart way to track your periods is to opt for the same brand’s subscription for sanitary napkin pads. Schedule them for just a week before your average date. This way, every time your sanitary pads arrive at the doorstep, you know your periods will arrive soon after.

Be stocked up on preferred ecommerce period products

A major reason to track your periods is so you can always be stocked with the right period products. Right from toxin and rash-free sanitary pads to an intimate wash that is free of harmful ingredients such as sulphates and parabens, it is important to opt for period products that are good for your health and offer maximum comfort. Unfortunately, most period products available at your local chemist or convenience store do not offer this; they are full of toxins, chemicals, and harmful ingredients. On the other hands, ecommerce brands like Nua offer rash-free and toxin-free sanitary pads as well as an intimate wash that is free of harmful chemicals. Since they offer direct doorstep delivery, it becomes important that you order them right in time for your periods. Otherwise, you might have to opt for low-quality period products available next to your home or office at the onset of your periods. Another pro tip to track your periods easily is to plan your monthly pedicure on the day your last periods started. This way, you also get a little pampering just when you need it the most. 

To sum it up, tracking periods can be cumbersome but it isn’t a good enough reason to stop tracking them altogether. Tracking your periods has multiple benefits, and with the right tracking hacks, it can be a breeze too.

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