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RO water side effects you never knew off

Recently, WHO (World Health Organization) has warned that drinking RO water scientifically causes more bodily harm and faster than most contaminants found in tap water. The Reverse Osmosis technology makes the water free of essential minerals, which may create serious health hazards in the long run.

Scientists studied to see if minerals that we take in food can compensate for the loss of minerals in reverse osmosis water. They concluded that the diet could not compensate for the low mineral intake from RO water. Moreover, it will create additional health hazards in the body.

WHO further clarifies that consuming water of low mineral content can negatively affect the homeostasis mechanisms while compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body. Reverse Osmosis water has fewer minerals. Therefore, when we consume RO water, it drains away essential minerals from the body when we urinate.

To understand the RO water side effects, we need to understand the mechanism of Reverse Osmosis technology. 

How RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology works:

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is a water purification technique, where pressurised water passes through a semi-permeable membrane that helps remove various impurities and also mineral ions. This process demineralises the essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other vital dissolved solids.

RO water technology is a conventional method used in laboratories and industries to purify water with high TDS. However, the RO technology is implemented to treat domestic water with the increase in water pollution.

However, the RO technology demineralises the water and drains away from the essential minerals during the purification process; these minerals are responsible for the health mechanism of the human body.

Let us discuss the possible RO water side effects that you may face if you have a water purifier with RO technology and a TDS corrector.

Side Effects of RO Water:

  The new-age water purifiers are good for water with high TDS; however, there are RO water side effects as it leaches the useful minerals and other vital components in the water at the same time. Let us discuss the health hazards caused due to consumption of RO water.

  • It results in various cardiovascular and neurological diseases: 

Water is a universal solvent. Hence, various minerals and other components are dissolved in water to make it good for health. But, if you consume water with fewer amounts of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, you have to deal with various cardiovascular diseases, premature birth, and certain neurological issues. You have to deal with possible RO water side effects with low mineral content in water.

  • It causes high blood pressure and low bone health

 Our body needs certain minerals and nutrients for the proper functioning of the organs. If we intake water that is full of useful nutrients and minerals, we can fulfil the need for such nutrients and minerals in our bodies. If we eat vegetables that grow in such type of water, then we get ample amount of such nutrients.

There is scientific evidence that minerals found in water are easily absorbed in the body as compared to the nutrients and minerals found in various food items. These days, we are attracted to junk foods, which results in a deficiency of such minerals in our bodies.

In addition to this, if we drink demineralised water, we will face the repercussions of RO water side effects. This may lead to calcium deficiency that results in poor bone health, brittle nails, and various bone-related diseases.  

  • Results in various Kidney disorders: 

Water we get from the RO purification may cause health hazards like kidney disorders because RO water has a low PH value, hence it is acidic. That's why it may cause severe gastro-intestinal diseases also.

RO water side effects have emerged as an alarming concern among the people. WHO also has declared this as unhealthy. So, it is recommended you should consider drinking RO water if you are concerned about your health.  

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